Thursday, 3 May 2012


During the day I prefer for the dogs not to go into our bedroom but Alfie has figured out how to open the door recently and the result is destruction, a memory foam mattress topper for my sore joints ripped to shreds quite literally! by Elmo! so tonight Eric is fitting a bolt thingy to stop Alfie opening the door and Elmo doing what he does best destroying.

I don't think I have ever been so cross with a dog before, I had to put him outside because I was worried about all the yelling I was doing was upsetting the other dogs. Two weeks of being so good and wallop. I could howl with the frustration of it.

We've tried everything that has been suggested and had really thought we were making good progress, it's not like he was alone and upset I was at home when it happened, the bottom line is he just likes to tear, rip, chew and destroy!

I am one very cross Muuver tonight


gyeong said...

Oh Elmo. Just couldn't resist. You are still a pup, so hopefully these will just be funny stories about your puppyhood when you are older and have outgrown this stage. Good thing they love you.

Declan said...

Oh dear. Generally I'm not a chewer (paws crossed!) but every now and then Mum says I'll stand next to her, get a funny look in my eye and very nonchalantly start chewing on something I shouldn't, like the table! This results in Mum shouting "Declan what the %^£$&!! are you doing" at which point I stop and wander off looking confused. I suppose a mattress topper is a bit like a giant sandwich... that doesn't help much does it? Deccy x