Friday, 14 December 2007

Mac update

Well despite my fears Mac is still happy and comfortable, he has started to lose some body condition and is very hungry but that may be down to the steroid shot he had Monday. We've started him on Essiac a herbal tea recommended to us by a fellow gapper and also some herbal potions we bought for Dill that have been returned to us by another gapper. We are trying very hard to act normal around Mac after all he's doesn't know he's sick and the last thing we want is to stress him out by crying all the time. The other dogs however do know something is wrong and are all very quiet and withdrawn. Lucky is at the vets today for a dental and at least one tooth out so very quiet here without her.

Thank you to everyone who has sent Mac parcels which arrive daily, "he is a celebrity on gap" after all LOL.

Happy Birthday Dad love you.

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