Thursday, 6 December 2007

Busy busy busy

That's me, trying to finish Christmas presents as well as the usual christmas shopping there is just not enough hours in the day LOL. Had my usual scrap day with Dawn today and managed to finish off two pahes, complete from start to finish another and even make a start on another phew! that's good going for me as I am the slowest scrapper I know. Of course my hand is now hurting like hell but it was worth it. Seeing the surgeon tomorrow, fingers crossed it goes well.

Made this birthday card for little Ben, he'll be two on the 21st December, he's just the sweetest most adorable little chap, yeah I know gushing Nanny LOL.

I saw it in papercraft inspirations mag, don't usually buy it but fell in love with this and had fun making it. Don't suppose anyone else will get it but me "two by two" but it made me smile.

Birthday cards have started arriving for me (Sunday) and strangely I'm not excited must be because it's the one before the biggy, getting to close for comfort.

Mac and Rulu are stillpoorly and Mac's lump is growing at an alarming rate, worried doesn't come close. We're fairly sure it will have to be xrayed again but that of course means another GA...... worry worry worry!

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Guinevere said...

Great card Sue! I love it - and I did get it! Your DGS looks gorgeous - my DS is a Ben too!
Sending good vibes for Rulu and Mac.