Sunday, 16 December 2007

Lucky ducks

Lucky went into the vets Friday morning for what we thought would be a routine dental and to have a loose tooth out, to my horror Tom (the vet rang) half way through the op to tell me Lucky was suffering from an auto immune disease causing inapproaiate swelling of the gums, hence all the infections she's has this year despite having two full dentals. She ended up having 14 teeth removed! and of course we still have the problem of the actual disease to sort out.

Vets bill for Mac on Monday and Lucky on Friday £ 711 ouch! hope their insurances pick some of it up.

Mac to our utter and amazement and joy is doing well, he's happy, and enjoying little walks. Tom when telling me about Lucky asked how Mac was and was as shocked as us that he's doing so well. Of course he's playing us to perfection, having brekkie in bed then leaps up and hops into the kitchen to polish off the leftovers. He's no fool!

Eric persuaded me to go to crop yesterday as we both felt I needed some time out and despite feeling under par (probably all the stress) I had a good time. And last night we actually got some much needed sleep as Mac only went out for a tinkle once and then had to eat as he is constantly hungry now and Lucky slept all night, probably exhausted as she didn't get much sleep Friday night with all the pain.

My car passed it's MOT after Eric got a new tyre for it, mind you he's still not convinced it should have failed in the first place LOL. So for the first time in over a week stress levels have dropped a bit so I shall pop out to Tesco's and get some Christmas fare in.

Thank you to everyone who has sent Mac so many goodies in the post.

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Jane said...

glad things are better at the moment Sue and you were able to enjoy your crop, take care, Jane x