Monday, 10 December 2007

Praying for a miracle

First off I would like to thank everyone who has sent Mac good wishes and me birthday wishes. I got a crop a dile yay ! and had a nice if tearful day.

Mac has had a rough night, unable to get comfortable and the pain has ramped up. He's off his food and was unsure whether to go out for a ride with his dad this morning but in the end went. The lump is so big it is now affecting the mechanics of his leg and he is unable to get the paw on the floor. I've rang the vets this morning a) to book Lucky in for a dental on Friday as she has a lose tooth and it needs to come out before she gets yet another infection and to ask Tom the vet to ring me. Mac is booked in for x rays Friday because that is the day Tom is operating and we are obviously hoping the xray will show something up that can be fixed. But the way things look this morning I doubt whether Mac will make it to Friday.

To say our heats are breaking doesn't come close, please pray for Mac and the miracle we so desperatley seek.

Vets have rung and are going to xray this afternoon.......

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