Wednesday, 30 January 2008

GREYT news

Jim has been discharged from the vets, despite their initial predictions of him needing further surgery and months to heal after his horrible accident on Christmas Day. Just one tiny patch to granulate so he still has to be bandaged to keep his tongue off it but he's almost healed up.

Our Christmas present to each other arrived today....... OUR NEW DIGITAL CAMERA, after loads of research and the disappointment of me not being able to hold any of the SLR and operate them we settled on the Olympus SP 560 Ultra Zoom, had a quick read of the manual but I'll probably stick to the auto setting LOL but there's lots of bells and whistles for Eric to experiment with.


Sharon said...

Glad to hear that Jim is home now and on the mend.
He looks so cute in that photograph - you will have to scrap that one!! ....he is having a duvet day it appears :)

Karen said...

Good news about Jim - I hope he's continuing to do well. :)