Friday, 15 February 2008

Nest building

I don't know what is going on but I have gone into mega nest building mode LOL and no I'm way to old to be pregnant.

Finished the invites for Mum and Dad's party yay!!!!

Made new dog beds all by myself, which is a big achievement for me as I am useless at sewing.

Re-organised stash and finally think I am happy with it. But in the process of doing it I decided I needed an extra shelf in the study so ended re arranging all the photo's and ornaments in the whole house ! and even scanned and printed off some I've been meaning to do for ages. So after being here for 3 years plus I've finally got round to making it more homely. Problem was when we moved in we sort of camped here for 3 months as it was so bad. We lived in two rooms the study and bedroom, cooking consisted of a microwave and lean mean grilling machine in the study. The whole bungalow had to be renovated from the ceilings down and it took almost two years so by then I had kind of lost heart and interest in unpacking properly and even now we have a double garage full of boxes from the last two moves.

Eric is hoping to finish converting an old horse box he got into a trailer this weekend, then he can start gathering the bits he needs to dig out the base for the conservatory double yay !!!!! an extra room.

Off to crop tomorrow so need to do some preparation.

Where did January go? can't believe we're half way through Feb already.

Jim now has a naked leg and has been super not licking it at all, Sandy has yet another gum infection so is on AB's. Vet thinks she needs yet more toofy pegs out but we're hoping by extra cleaning of said toofies we may save a few.

Have given up choccie and buying any stash (gogo kit doesn't count) for lent, seems a long way to go but the good news is I've lost a 1lb this week, one more to go then I'll be back to pre Christmas big out LOL.

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Sharon said...

You have been a busy bee Sue :)