Monday, 28 November 2011

Remembering Sandy

Two years ago today our darling Sandy lost her fight against the bone cancer! We were all devastated as she fought so hard to beat it and had such a zest for life. Sandy was a very withdrawn little girl when we first adopted her but she fell head of heels in love with Dill our greyhound, sadly Dill also passed away from bone cancer some 6 months later and Sandy's world fell to pieces. Dill had been her support and comfort and she closed right down again. It took a long time but eventually Sandy decided it was okay to enjoy life and boy did she, the cheekiest funniest little lady. Her special person was our son Marc whom she adored and it is in memory of Sandy that Marc decided to do the coast to coast walk to raise money for Greyhound Gap, so they could help others dogs like Sandy.

Here is the post I did recording her story 2 years ago.

Gone but never forgotten Miss Sandy woo! xxx


Sue said...

She was a lovely looking girl.

Carol said...

aww I can't believe that it was a year ago - so much seems to have happened in the last 12 months! she was a very pretty girl and that picture of her and Marc is lovely!

How is Jim? paws crossed everything going well.

see you Friday xx