Saturday, 19 November 2011

2 years ago today

Two years ago today Ranger our beautiful brindle boy passed away. He had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had his leg amputated, sadly Ranger never really recovered from the operation and passed away a few days later at the vets.

To say we miss that great big lovable rogue is an understatement. He was with us for just 364 days. This is Rangers story here

Gone but never forgotten, hope you're having a ball at rainbow bridge big fella with all our other bridge babies.


Sue said...

He sure is a handsome fella. So sad he didn't have long with you, but I'm sure the time he had was a real blast for him.

Sending you huygs (((Sue, Eric & Pack)))

Carol said...

oh Sue just seen this doesn't seem that long ago - really love that last piccie, looks gorgeous them together touching noses...xx