Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I'm home

Well I am very happy to be home!

Had a nice room all to myself and this time I was treated with nothing but kindness, now whether my complaint after the dreadful care I received at Christmas had anything to do with it I don't know.

The operation took just over 3 hours and instead of a GA I had a regional limb block in my neck which gives total pain free results and lasted well into the following day, I also had light sedation as 3 hours awake in theatre wouldn't be much fun LOL. I was able to speak to my super surgeon in recovery and didn't spend hours being ill.  So now I have new knuckles, still in a plaster cast but that comes off Friday and then a special splint will be made. Surgeon couldn't replace pins which were helping to keep the wrist fussed but he thinks it should be okay as long as I remember to be careful and wear a splint if doing things that would put a strain on it.

I came home Saturday afternoon but received a telephone call from surgeon Monday morning to say he had not only asked that I be kept in until Sunday but that he had come to visit me just after I left OOPS! I honestly didn't discharge myself nurses were happy to let me go so I did. Guess he'll be wagging his finger at me Friday.

I have morphine for when the pain gets too much but am trying just to have it at bedtime. Eric seems to be on a mission to fatten me up and in my weakened state I don't seem to have much in the way of willpower LOL.

I have had so many lovely cards, flowers and choccies and so many emails, thank you all.

We've had discussions with vet re Jim and have tweaked his pills and he's back to being more comfortable and his happy self. We all agreed at his age it's not worth the risk of a GA to do x rays and just pray his pain is due to having to haul himself up using front legs and nothing more sinister.

Had hoped to play digi today but yet another day seems to have slipped by in a haze of food, sleeping and more food LOL.

Thank you everyone for being such great friends to me xxx


Winnie said...

I am glad that the op went well and that you are getting lots of TLC to make you better all the sooner.

Love and licks, Winnie and all the family xx

hotpotato said...

Blogging as well Sue, you must be feeling well.

karen said...

glad to hear all went well and that you had a better time in hospital.

Sending you lots of warm hugs karenx

Sue said...

Glad you are home and things are improving.

Hope Jim continues to be better with the meds.

Take care.