Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hand clinic

I'm just back from hand clinic, they made a few adjustments to splint, took out some stitches that hadn't dissolved and were becoming sore oh and more exercises LOl, seeing surgeon Friday and back to hand clinic again next Tues. Oh what fun!

Feeling a bit better now I'm back on meds!

Hoping to get another 2 rescue ex battery hens this weekend from little hen rescue. Not sure what condition they will be in, may need jumpers if they don't have many feathers. Our other 2 young hens are just starting to lay tiny eggs, not daily but they've started.

Had a little play yesterday and made this digi LO, photo's are of Vikki being a bridesmaid three times. May turn it into a hybrid, not decided yet. Got a bit carried away with pink LOL.

Looking forward to Papermaze crop on Saturday.

Hounds are all ok. Paws crossed


Jane said...

hope things continue to improve Suexx

Sandra's Spot said...

Sue I have a really silly picture in my head with your hens in sweaters LOL.
This a gorgeous digi LO I love it. you can never have to much pink. Enjoy the crop on Saturday. Hugs Sandra XX
PS glad the hand is doing well and the hounds fine.

Sue said...

Glad your hospital appointment went well.

Really lovely LO.

Glad the pack is ok.

Carol said...

Hiya Girlie

Sorry long time no visit - loving the digi layouts and you're one very brave lady....I too have a funny piccie of hens in jumpers!!

See you Saturday xx