Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy gotta day Gangley

Today is Gangley's 3rd gotcha day, every year around this time something awful has happened and her special day has gone by, so even though my heart is in pieces today with the devastating news about Jim I am determined to make an effort to celebrate Gangley's special Day.

Gangley is a strange little lady, bossy in the extreme, won't allow the boys to play unless she says it's time a very frustrated Mother, gives the impression she doesn't given a dam but actually she is a very special little dog who is very intuitive to what's going on and breaks her heart when I keep disappearing into hospital for all the bloody hand ops. As soon as I get home she washes me from head to toe and stays glued to my side. Sometimes I think we don't have a clue what makes her ticks, life with Gangley is never dull or quiet!

So my special little one Happy gotcha day, love you loads sweetheart and I know you love me too

and in true mothering mode Gangley trying to help Jim feel better..................


Jane said...

lovely photo Sue x

Sue said...

Happy Gotcha Day Gangley.

What a lovely photo of Gangley with Jim.