Thursday, 1 December 2011

Journal your Christmas

I have always admired the Shimelle classes my friend Jane does but never seem to find the time to do any. Jane won 3 passes for this years Journal your Christmas and was kind enough to give me one!

Well having been on the forum I see veryone seems well prepared! so I guess I'll be playing catch up a bit and being totally clueless might slow me down but I shall do it as a digi album and can surely find a few minutes each day to play along.

Jim was very poorly yesterday and we had decided to make the call to the vet today but he had a good night and is much improved today, thinking about it I guess being pulled around at the vets and having to jump in and out of the car added to it all. So as long as he stays comfortable and has good quality of life .......... we shall take it day by day and at the first sign of trouble will let our beautiful big giant hug monster leave with the dignity he deserves. Each day is now a bonus and a blessing.


Sue said...

Hope you enjoy the Shimelle classes.

Hope Jim has many more days. Song and I are sending him positive healing thoughts and huge hugs (((Jim)))

Declan said...

Hi Heard about Jim and just wanted to send him Good Greyhound vibes. Deccy x

Jane said...

poor Jim, so sorry Sue, hope you enjoy the class xx

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Hi Sue, I read about Jim from Sue at Graceful Greyhounds. I'm another Sue! So sorry to hear your bad news. I hope Jim stays with you for many months yet. It's such an awful time for everyone, I know, having been through it recently myself, and too many times before. Will be thinking of you all.