Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lucky and Christmas

Well having Lucky home on Christmas Eve was the best present we could have wished for!

She's not been making progress as quick as we had hoped but today is more mobile and now able to wander around and go outside unaided, so a big improvement. but the stump bothers here, maybe the stitches and staples  are pulling. Quite funny seeing the filthy looks she gives it!

We had a good Christmas and are now enjoying a few quieter days. off to the vets tomorrow to get Lucky checked.

Hope you all had a good Christmas as well.

A photo of Gangley unwrapping some Christmas goodies, she was very determined to get into the parcel.


Hiking Hounds said...

I'm so glad that Lucky was able to come home and is doing well.

Sandra's Spot said...

Good news re lucky, and Gangly looks like she had a great time. looking forward to seeing you on the 7th. Hugs Sandra XXX Happy New year.

Sue said...

Hope th vet is happy with Lucky tomorrow.

Gangley did well with all those treats. Does she know she's expected to share them? LOL

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Awesome! It sounds like she's doing well. I guess it will take her a while to realise she's down to 3 legs and I don't blame her for not being real happy about that:) Gangley did well to get a present. My kids weren't so lucky this year but I've promised to make it up to them!

Carol said...

lol Ty loves opening presents and he's so gentle....xx