Sunday, 13 November 2011

D Day

Finally after 4 long weeks I was able to start RA drugs this Friday! boy have I been counting down the days.

Went to hand clinic Tuesday, 30 minute slot turned into two hours! adjustments to splints, new exercise splint blah blah blah!!! My morphine has all gone and it's been a difficult week coping with the pain. Still I've kept up with the exercises which are grueling. I have a few worries with certain bits but will discuss with surgeon on Friday. Another hand cinic appt Tuesday, so looking forward to that NOT LOL.... I was telling my SIL about it and she said  she calls the physio therapists physio terrorists, made me laugh!

Anyway I've been working on a DLO (digi) that I just can't get right, so took a break from it and made this instead. kit is from pickleberry pop and is called sick days. Photo was just after cast came off and it had been cleaned up. Eric said it would be a good idea to have it as when I hit a low spot with recovery not going as quick as I want I could look back on this photo and take heart LOL, that man knows too well.

Jim has had a much better week so we've put off going back to the vets for now.


Sue said...

Gret idea to have the LO to look back on.

Hope the hospital visit goes well and they sort everything out.

Karen leonard said...

You are so brave, good luck with the physio! Love the colours in the layout and the small photos, great job. Karen x