Friday, 4 November 2011

New splint

Back from hospital, cast off and new splint on. Have to bend fingers 5 times a day 10 each time i.e. 50 per finger eek!.Two middle fingers I can bend but two fingers with ruptured tendons I have to do with other hand, little finger is very sore think it was squashed in the cast!
Hand looked pretty good, back Tuesday to hand clinic just so they can check it over.

Going to attempt to go to crop tomorrow, more to socialise really, even Eric thinks it’s a good idea for me to go out for a bit. Luckily I have a kit so will just take that and see what I can do, have more usability with splint than cast if you know what I mean LOL.
Lucky suddenley became very stiff a few days ago and we rushed her down to the vets, seems the poly arthritis has returned! she is much better now she's on the steroids but would be nice to know what triggered it off again, Jim is very very sore and we're both starting to feel quite anxious.

Finally we got our first egg yesterday from the new hens, about time! LOL....

Made my lovely surgeon a fuuny card digi of course and got him and is super secretary some sweeties, they are both such lovely kind people.


Sue said...

Glad you have more mobility with the splint, but don't you go over doing it.

It'll do you good to go to the crop.

Hope Jim and Lucky soon improve with the meds.

Had to smile at the card:)

Sandra's Spot said...

HI Sue good news about those fingers and so glad you are cropping tomorrow I shall miss out as I am in the card shop :( Mum is going. Thanks for my BD card loved it. Hope Lucky and Jim pick up. Hugs SAndra XX