Monday, 21 November 2011

New additions

Yesterday we had 2 new arrivals!!!!

No not dogs before you all start yelling at me LOL.

Rescue battery hens. Our son was going to collect 4 for himself and talked us into having another 2 and then he got talked into taking 5 for himself LOL. As always they are very scrawny but with some TLC should perk up quickly.

Haven't chosen names yet so hen 1

hen 2

and a few of our others with one of the new ones so you can see the difference and  see what they should look like.

had to share this photo with you, Eric had cooked some meat for the dogs and had their full attention, Jim was sitting in the hall waiting for room service!

Off to the vets later to see if any other medication might help Jim as he is struggling again.

Had a lovely time at Papermaze crop on Saturday, it was so good to see Vanessa and Lesley and be able to give them a hug after the awful time they've had with the fire. Managed to finish this LO at last! designed by Janina for Bramford crop using papers from Bo Bunny. There is some hidden journelling behind the photo that tells how stupid me hadn't tried my dress on and my the time I did it was too late to have it taken in, so on this photo my cousin Sandra (it was her son's wedding to Jenni) grabbed the back of my dress and pulled it in so it at least looked like it fitted one one photo!

Decided to decoupage some of the bits of this digi LO so it's now a hybrid, which I think is where my heart probably lies these days.


Jane said...

lucky hens!!

Sue said...

Hope the hens soon settle.

Had to smile at Eric in the kitchen:)

Loving both LOs.

Hope Jim got on ok at the vets.

Carol said...

Hiya Girlie

Had to laugh at you and Sandra!! what a lovely piccie...fingers crossed that Jim got on ok...Marc obviously takes after his mother! when is he getting his first greyhound??? lol

Hope you're well, see you soon xx