Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Belle's been bad!
 yesterday whilst Eric was serving up dinner he turned his back and Belle button reached up and helped herself! well I tried really hard not to laugh and it was so good seeing her be a normal puppy getting into mischief but her Dad wasn't so impressed. We've not had a counter surfer for a while so we will have to get back into the habit of pushing plates back further.

Anyway Belle is now up to 2 full walks a day but doesn't go on the last walk as she is still a bit of a handful and until Eric finds time to do some one on one with her she'll just have to stay home, to be honest she's so shattered by the evening she's not so fussed at the moment.

All the other dogs are doing well and Mojo who I just discovered is almost 11 and not 10 as I've been saying for ages now has a lovely new jumper to keep him warm on colder days.

yesterday my daughter, grandson and  nephew were supposed to come over but Vikki and family all went down with a S & D bug but Lewis still came and had a lovely time with the dogs, I'd promised him in the summer he could come over during half term and didn't want to let him down.

So I'm all packed ready for tomorrows operation, have done as much as I can and the dogs will have Marc with them in the morning and Vikki in the afternoon so at least we won't have to fret about them.

I have finally started on Eric's Christmas present a 8 x 8 album all about the hounds past and present, he worries that one day he will forget all the funny stories and what was their history etc, I meant to do it last year and didn't then it was going to be for his birthday and didn't but yay have made a start It's not always easy raking up memories some of which are still raw but there are happy bits as well.

Hopefully be back in a few days.

Sue x


Jane said...

hope it all goes well tomorrow Sue, will be thinking of you xx

Declan said...

All Good Greyhound Vibes for tomorrow.. Deccy x

Sue said...

Had to smile at Belle's antics as well:)

Loving the LOs.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow especially (((Sue))).

Carol said...

Thinking of you tomorrow hope all goes well xx

Lol at belle x

Hiking Hounds said...

I can never be mad at mine for counter surfing either. They are so cute when they do it. Sending healing thoughts for tomorrow.

karen said...

hope all goes well today. Erics going to love that album its beautiful and your so good and writting things down and journaling. Its great to hear that the dogs are well.

Sandra's Spot said...

Gorgeous albumn Eric will love that I am sure. Hope it all goes well for the Op. thinking of you. Hugs Samdra X