Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Good news

Little Belle had her stitches out today and our vet is very pleased with her leg, so now we can gradually increase her time out of the crate and she can start to have little walks. Toilet breaks will still be on the lead for a week or two as we don't want her tearing around the garden just yet.

Belle had the first op to plate and screw the break on the 13th July and apart from a week's freedom beginning of October she has been crated the whole time, for such a young dog she has coped so well and rarely made a fuss even when she sees the others playing. It has been a very long difficult 14 weeks but we are so close to total freedom for Belle button now...

Belle has been incredibly lucky, her owner wanted her pts but the vet persuaded him to hand her over and contacted Lisa of greyhound gap have not only paid for her leg to be plated but also paid to have it removed on the advice of our vet, so whilst she has had a rotten few months she is a very very lucky little dog.

Tom our vet was  also very pleased with Twiz on the reduced medication doesn't understand
how it's having such a major effect given her x rays but keep on as is for 3
months and then review!.

A few Taylor hound photo's, in order of seniority in the pack

Alfie Bear is a greyhound suluki x who lost a leg and had his head fractured in 3 places resulting in the loss of an eye, Alfie is now our pack leader! Alf is about 5 years old now

Gangley is 7kg and a pure whippet just very very small but with big attitude! Gangley is 9

Mojo is coming up for 10 and is a greyhound whippet cross who lost half his tail at the hands of humans.

Elmo arrived in January and is about 2 now a whippet cross but crossed with what we have no idea LOL.

Orin is a greyhound yup we actually have a greyhound LOL, usually have 4 or 5 but now we keep getting sent lurchers, Orin is 3

 Twizzle arrived in July and is approx 2 years old another whippet cross possibly with some kind of staffi/bull terrier
Belle Button must be about 1 yeas old now another whippet cross, probably whippet greyhound

We seem to be sent dogs that have suffered abuse at the hands of humans and how we've ended up with all these lurchers instead of greyhounds is beyond me but we love them all no matter what shape or size after all they all fall into the category of sight hounds, okay maybe Twiz is pushing it a bit LOL.


Sue said...

So glad Belle is on the last lap now.

Glad Twizzle doesn't need a high dose yet.

Lovely to see the photos of the Taylor Pack.

gyeong said...

What great news for your pack. And what a diverse and cute pack it is.

What Remains Now said...

What a great post. I love hearing about the pack. I didn't know that Alfie Bear was a tripod and blind in one eye! How I missed it, I don't know, but I did. Probably because Alfie is so regal. Adorable picture of Gangley. What ears! Mojo looks so a 10-year-old should. Elmo looks so grown-up in that picture. I'm assuming the dark destroyer is being good. I still think about the matress topper incident. So Orin is the only greyhound! I hope he doesn't hold it over everyone (ha). I would never have guessed that Twizzle is a whippet/staffie mix. At least from pictures, it looks like the whippet genes won. And, sweet Belle. I'm so glad she healed so well. I know you are too. Thinking of you with your upcoming surgery.

hotpotato said...

Oh Sue what great news. I just love the pic of Gangley so amusing and the pic of Twizzle she looks like she's had too much to drink!