Sunday, 28 October 2012

Drum roll please

A very important announcement LOL.

Please welcome the latest addition to become a permenant member of the Taylor pack!

Belle 007 Taylor

007 because she is number 7 of the current pack and because 7 is a lucky number and this little lady has been so lucky, 14 weeks in a crate waiting for her to leg to heal is a far better fate than that what awaited her if Greyhound Gap hadn't have stepped in! 

Freedom is just around the next corner Belle button xxxxx
and yes I know you all had me down for failure again but in truth right up to the last moment I was prepared to let her go and start a new life until Eric stepped in and said Sue she adores you and you've spent all summer taking care of her why would you want to miss out on the fun part? well let me see self imposed limit is 5 permenant hounds with place 6 for fostering oops exceeded that with Twizzle, cost of insuring another hound well who needs riches when rags will do, so my darling little Belle stays and I couldn't be happier the relief of not having to be parted from her is overwhelming.


Jane said...

she obviously means a lot to you Sue, so pleased she has a loving home x

Sue said...

Never thought you'd be able to let her go. So pleased she now has her forever home.

gyeong said...

Congrats!!! She couldn't have found a more loving home.

What Remains Now said...

Sue! You can't help it that you have a giant heart. I agree with Eric...after all that time nursing her back to health, you deserve the fun part. Belle is beautiful, and I'm not surprised that she loves her mommy so. Congratulations to you and Eric and to Belle!

Declan said...

You really think you needed to tell us that was going to happen?! Mum really envies you and all those doggies! Deccy x

hotpotato said...

Oh dear Sue! What have we all said you wouldn't part with her.
Greyhound Gap aren't darft they know you'll keep what dog you foster!

Janet said...

Oh !!!!! Sue,no surpise,after all you & Mr T have done for Belle
Janet x

Carol said...

My dear friend what a.lovely life dear 007 Belle will have x you have quiet a few young hounds now they'll definitely keep you on your toes! Good luck for Thursday xx