Saturday, 27 October 2012

Weekly round up

 So 3 hospital appointments, 1 vet appointment and 1 good crafting session with Dawn, that just about sums up this week!

Belle is loving her new found freedom and is so happy and being a typical puppy! IE exhausting LOl, I let her out of the crate all morning and then put her in from 12-2pm just so she has a rest and then she's fully recharged and set to go again.

Twizzle who from day 1 has never attempted to go on the furniture probably because of her sore back has now discovered she can and does leaving poor Mojo rather miffed. There are plenty of dog beds all around the house and lounge but it is Eric and me that seem to end up sitting on the floor, seriously that can't be right LOL.

Yesterday Dawn came for our last scrapping day for a while and I really need to get 4 mini albums (Christmas prezzie's) done and finish off a paper layout from crop, dogs were so good and I got everything done I wanted to.

So last weekend the weather forecasters were predicting a heatwave for the end of the week instead we got a blast of Arctic weather and when I got up this morning there was a very light sprinkling of snow on the car!

Going into town this morning and the big coat and boots have come out LOl..

So this was a double page digi layout but when I printed it out the background totally overwhelmed the photo's and rather than waste ink I cut it out and mounted it onto white bazzil.

Love this page it was a crop kit from papermaze and designed by Vanessa, photo is Vikki, Mathew, Ben and Mathew's nieces at Cleveland Zoo when they visited for their honeymoon in August.  If I get some time I'm going to have a play and see if I can produce something similar digitally.

Sue x


Jane said...

lovely layouts Sue, you have been busy xxx

What Remains Now said...

You have me laughing about sitting on the floor. Fortunately for us, Freedom, Casper & Nikki have never gotten on the furniture, even though we don't we've never encouraged it for that reason...we knew we'd never have a seat again. Houndies love their comfort! Love your layouts...especially your description of how you "saved" the one. I like it on the white paper. It stands out without overwhelming the photo.

gyeong said...

We bought a bigger couch and got a king-size bed after we got our first grey, but with 4 dogs, sometimes we are on the losing end, i.e. the floor :)

Sue said...

Glad you had a good crafting day with dawn and got your fab LOs done.

So glad Belle can be a real puppy:)

Had to smile at Twizzle on the sofa and you on the floor. Glad you know your place;)

Best wishes for Thursday's op. Polly and I will be thinking of you.

Declan said...

That is good news about Belle. Mojo really does look hacked off... hehe! Deccy x