Saturday, 13 October 2012

Poor Belle

 My poor little Belle is very unhappy being crated again! the bandage is huge but she manages to get outside on the lead ok but does look rather bemused by it!

 Our vet knew Eric would want to see the plate and screws and so gave them to us! we were shocked at out big they are for such a petite little leg, 7screws!

Been a a bit of an odd week really, finished off this paper layout designed by Janina for Bramford crop, I did have to make some changes as my photo was landscape.

This one is for my 2012 album but wanted to record the walk in more detail for Marc's album so digi layouts seemed easier.

The final amount raised with gift aid (and their percentage taken off) is currently £3,850.00 more than £1,00.00 more than we had hoped for.

So with my operation to fuse right wrist fast approaching I decided to make a list of crafty things I MUST do for Christmas eek! not a hope of getting it all done so praying like mad I may have some use of the right hand when it's in plaster LOL.

Printed off the wedding layouts again this time for my album, really pleased with it but did spot a mistake in some journalling and now I've seen it will have to re print it LOL.

We've reduced Twizzle medication and so far she is absolutely fine no screaming when she runs, will probably take Belle to have her stitches out end of next week and take Twiz along at the same time to review.


What Remains Now said...

I echo your sentiment...poor little Belle. Hopefully, this is almost the end of this particular problem and the beginning of a happy active life. Glad that Twizzle is doing well on less medicine. I'll look forward to an update after you see the vet. I hope it is good news. I love the pages you put together for Marc and I'm so happy with them exceeding their goal. Greyhound Gap will have their own kennel yet! I'm feeling for you with the upcoming surgery, but hopefully it will be worth it a million times over once you're healed up.

Sue said...

Fab LOs.

Poor Belle. I am sure you are counting down the days, till she can be free of the crate.

Glad Twizzle is doing well.

Hiking Hounds said...

It's hard to believe the plate and screws were in her leg. They look so big. I hope it heals fast. I'm glad Twizzle is doing well.

Carol said...

Aww poor belle but at least, hopefully, it will be the final time for the crate.

What gorgeous layouts.

Hope your ok


hotpotato said...

Wow what a fantastic amount raised for Greyhound Gap. Well done lads on your epic walk.

Janet said...

Well done on your funraising for Greyhound Gap,you must be so proud of the boys.hope Bella heals quickly
Janet x

gyeong said...

I'm sure Belle is dreaming of the day when she can run free. Congrats on surpassing the Coast to Coast goal.

Declan said...

Awww she does look a bit fed up! That's a fantastic amount of money to have raised. Deccy x

Declan said...

Awww she does look a bit fed up! That's a fantastic amount of money to have raised. Deccy x