Saturday, 3 November 2012

thank you

thank you to everyone who has sentme texts and emails.

op was long and much more done than expected, pain so bad eric had to ring surgeon and get liquid morphine which is only helping a little, nightmare trying to do anything with left hand which despite all the ops has poor movement and no strength does look nice though lol, going to be a long few months me thinks. hey ho no point moaning, dogs are rather liking me reclining on the bed and no chance of getting cold lol.
didn't have ga or sedation just nerve blocker big mistake as i had to lay on a very uncomfortable operating table for almost 2.5 hours wide awake.

finding it very hard to use mouse with left hand so need to practise, shall try and contact you all as and when i can but in the meantime thank you for all your good thoughts

sue x


gyeong said...

Sorry it's so painful. Hoping you have a smooth recovery.

Carol said...

Oh Sue I wondered how you got on - you take it easy and rest - lol at the hounds...Take care girlie xx

What Remains Now said...

Oh, Sue. Sounds horrible, horrible, horrible. Hope you get some relief from the pain soon and hope your recovery goes well. Please don't worry about coming by. We'll all still be there when you're feeling better. Glad you have all the hounds to keep you resting and warm.

Sue said...

(((Sue))) Sorry to hear the op was much more than expected. You did so well to lay on a hard operating table for that long.

Hope the pain soon eases and you heal quickly. You let others look after you for a change and let the hounds cuddle up and keep you warm.

Polly and I are thinking of you and sending positive healing thoughts and huge hugs.

karen said...

glad to hear it went well. Missed you yesterday. Hope you recover quickly x

Janet said...

Hope it heals soon Sue
Janet x

Hiking Hounds said...

Ouch, it sounds painful. I hope it starts feeling better soon. Sending healing thoughts.