Tuesday, 6 November 2012

miserable and wallowing

that just about sums it up, I'm miserable and wallowing in  self pity oh and eating comfort food non stop.................. cannot get on top of the pain which is unlike me normally i am a tough old bird.

mouse control with left hand has improved a bit but is painfully slow lol. did have a little play yesterday and did this.

 rulu was my heart and soul and constant shadow, she was the result of a little coming together between my dog and my sisters so mum could have a dog, sadly for mum benji attached himself to dad typical. when rulu passed so suddenly i could barely function such was the shock, this is the first lo I've done since she passed away because it's still so raw but as i need to do her pages for Eric album i took the plunge.

off to hospital Friday, wonder what torture awaits me loo.

sue x


Sue said...

(((Sue))) Hope the pain eases soon.

Loving the LO.

Good luck at the hospital Friday.

gyeong said...

Sorry your still in so much pain. Rulu looks like a real Sweetie.

Jane said...

so sorry for you Sue xx

What Remains Now said...

Rulu's page is beautiful! I'm sorry to hear that you're still having the pain so intensely. Wish I could do more than offer wishes that it let's up soon. Feeling for you.

Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Honey Sending you BIG Hugs Hugs to make you feel better you know what they say Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate :)
Tilly had her op yesterday to remove the lump so she feeling much the same as you. Take care hope to see you at Otley. Hugs Sandra & doggie licks from Tilly X

Sandra's Spot said...

PS Beautiful Rulu page. Eric is just going to love that. X

Carol said...

Hiya you're so brave and strong and courageous! you are FAB and if you want to wallow, if only for a little while, you go ahead and if you want to eat a little of what you shouldn't then you go ahead and do it! I really don't know how you manage the way you do! one truely inspirational lady!

Totally fab page of Rulu - those digi pages of yours are gorgeous!


houndstooth said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! It sounds miserable.