Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hand Clinic

Been to hand clinic and thank goodness my normal girl was back, she confirmed what I thought that the new knuckle joint is already becoming tethered by the scar tissue, post op it had good movement now it's poor! so exercises for that and exercises that Eric has to do on scars and a different splint this one is bigger so I can't use hand much as she says I've over used it (Eric had rather a smug look on his face having told me countless times to stop using it) and it also has a piece to pull index finger back straight has it has started to drift already. Feel totally wiped out now as it was all very painful and she thinks the pain I have is nerve damage which is what I thought so will just have to wait for it to calm down, back next Tuesday. 

Have managed albeit very slowly (using mouse with left hand is slow and tedious) to do some more layouts for Eric's Christmas prezzie.




Only another 12 dogs to go!

Sue x


gyeong said...

Nice layouts. Sorry it's such a slow painful process.

hotpotato said...

patience then Sue.LOL

What Remains Now said...

I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open. The layouts are SO BEAUTIFUL. I honestly think this album you are doing for Eric could be a book. Your stories of your babies are so heartwarming and your layouts are just a treat to look at. If you ever do anything like that, I want to be first in line. Please take care of yourself. You need those hands.

Karen leonard said...

Hi Sue, sorry to hear about the hand..
Your pages are totally amazing, you're a real pro at digi layouts now :)
Karen x

Jane said...

so sorry it's not mending as well as you hoped Sue, try not to do too much xx

Sue said...

Hope the new splint and exercises sort your hand out.

Really beautiful LOs of the dogs.

Declan said...

They are beautiful. I agree with Lori - they could be a book. Bet you'd raise lots for all the doggies too! ;-) Hope the hands are less painful soon. Deccy x

karen said...

not doing much is easier said than done. I do hope the pain goes away soon, and don't be too disapointed, sometimes we take steps back before we can go forward. Love the digi layouts about the dogs, Eric is going to tresure this for some time.

Hiking Hounds said...

Beautiful layouts! Sorry for all the pain you are feeling with your hand. Hang in there.