Sunday, 18 November 2012

Round up

 I have been trying for ages to try and get a photo of all 7 together not easy I can tell you
 guess I'll have to keep trying, there is 7 there but can't quite see some of them LOL. Mojo and Gangley arewearing their jumpers to keep them warm.
I've been trying to work out a time line of all our dogs, so from the point I started blogging it's easy but before that it's been really hard and has taken ages. I want to have it for the opening page of Eric's hound album I'm doing for Christmas, so I ended up going through files and files of digital photo's, Eric used to upload them and lets just say his filing system was interesting LOL. Anyway I came across some lovely photo's and this one of my dear Rulu taken in 1994 (so wish I still looked like that LOL), Eric used to say if you look at photo's of me you'll always see Rulu never more than 6 inches away.

Went to dentist Tuesday and discovered my lovely dentist of 31 years is retiring in January felt really sad and said my goodbyes and thank you, came home ate tea and the back of a tooth just fell off grrrr so I shall be seeing him again on Thursday after all!

Off to hand clinic Tuesday at 8am eek! hand is still ridiculously painful but not as bad as it was!

Hounds have been a real handful this week and poor Eric is not enjoying their walks, Twizzle and Belle are terrible on the lead and will need some one on one training! Elmo has had an eye infection but other than that they are just a bunch of naughty fun loving pups! course the older ones are super good. People keep telling us it will get easier well we would both like to know WHEN cos right now it's darned hard work and I can't even moan as the saying goes you made "you bed now go and lie in it" LOL.

Went to crop yesterday first time I've been out other than hospital and dentist, so good to have a change of scenery and chat, even managed to make 4 very simple cards, came home tired but happy!

Sue x 


hotpotato said...

lovely to see you and chat yesterday Sue.

Sue said...

Loving the pink jumper on Gangley:)

Lovely photo of you with Rulu.

Hope the dentist can sort your tooth.

Hope the hand clinic goes ok Tuesday.

Really hope the younger hounds soon learn.

So glad you made it to the crop and got some cards made.

You take care.

What Remains Now said...

So glad to hear that the pain is a little better, but still sounds horrible. You did a good job capturing the pups. That's a lot of hounds in one picture. Eric is going to be blown away with his Christmas gift. I imagine that album will be looked at so many times and so fondly that a back-up copy may be in order. Continue to get well and I hope you have a major improvement in the pain going away.

Jane said...

gorgeous photo of you Sue, hope the appt goes ok xx

gyeong said...

Sounds almost as hard as herding cats for a picture :)

houndstooth said...

I know how tough it is to get a group of dogs to cooperate for a picture. We had four to get in our Christmas card pictures this year, but Kuster, the puppy, made it feel like a lot more! lol

Declan said...

It's hard enough to get a photo of one of me! Deccy x