Friday, 9 November 2012

ROUGH WEEK BUT ................


 I had stitches out, surgeon really chuffed with how it's gone, is as bewildered as me about the terrible pain but gave me more morphine and said to Eric make her have it.

He decided I didn't need to go into a plaster cast for the next 6 weeks, he's so pleased with it we've fast forwarded six weeks and gone into a normal splint with strict instructions to make sure it is allowed to rest, heal and fuse but move the finger so new knuckle joint doesn't set can't believe I've escaped 6 weeks in plaster woohooo, back to hand clinic every Tuesday but I can live with that and ONLY 6 DAYS TO GO THEN I CAN HAVE DRUGS.

We're having a Chinese tonight and tomorrow I shall start to get this eating back under control lol.

photo of before you can see how the wrist replacement joint that was put in in 1999 had broken and the whole wrist had fallen to onside

and 8 days later it's straight! of course the fingers will require a few more ops to straighten them out and get them working but i am as pleased as my wonderful surgeon

This was the left hand before 9 ops, the lump is the fluid build up trying to attack the leaking silicone which went on to cause the trapped nerves and ruptured tendons.

and this is the left hand now 9 ops and 3 years later, straight, not fully functional but so much better than it was, hope the right one ends up looking this good. lol

.Dogs have been brilliant all week and have been quiet and gentle around me.
Tomorrow the little collared dove we rescued earlier in the summer and Eric has spent 3 months nursing her back to health will go to her new life in an animal sanctuary where she can have more freedom in a large aviary as sadly her wing hasn't mended enough to fly, think we shall both miss her.


Sue said...

This is fab news. So pleased you don't need to go into plaster. Will keep everything crossed the hand comes out as good as the other one.

If you need it, you take the morphine at least till you can got back ony our other meds.

Glad the dogs have been looking after you.

Sure the dove will settle in at the sanctuary.

Jane said...

so pleased for you Sue xx

Hiking Hounds said...

I'm so glad your hand is healing well. The difference is amazing. Although no pain would be better. My mom has RA and has had so many surgeries, her wrist too. I always feel so bad when she's in pain. I hope the pain med. works until you can take your regular.

What Remains Now said...

Sue...your wrist looks so much better, but still...ouch! I hope you continue with a good and speedy recovery. Glad the hounds are being gentle with you.

karen said...

great news about no plaster, hope the pain gets under control soon

Big hugs karenx

gyeong said...

Glad the kids are being good for you while you're recuperating.

Sandra's Spot said...

Wow that looks so much better hats off to the surgeon and your patience. So pleased for you and hope to see you Saturday. Hugs Sandra XXX

Declan said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. It is an amazing difference. Love to you and der doggies! Deccy x