Monday, 19 November 2012

Remembering Ranger

Can it already be 3 years since Ranger passed away!

For those of you who know me know that we were going through the worst of times, Sandy then Jim then Ranger all diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in a short space of time, Ranger never came home from the vets post amputation and Sandy only survived 7 weeks and passed away 9 days after Ranger and through all that terrible grief we had to somehow try and get Jim to rally as he was going downhill fast, a combination of losing Sandy and just not coping with his amputation. They were truly dark days for us but happily Jim did rally and survived another 2 and a half years.

Rangers story is here if you want to read it.

So today Ranger is very much in my thoughts although to be honest he never is far away, Ranger should have had so many happy days ahead of him, life can be very cruel!.

I enjoyed going out to crop Saturday and even managed to make a few simple cards but boy was I tired when I got home LOL.

Elmo, Twizzle and Belle seem to be forming quite a strong bond but Orin is very quiet and seems caught in the middle neither part of the old pack or the young ones, he's been so quiet this last week which is worrying although it could just be he's starting to act like a greyhound and snooze the day away, paws crossed.

Off to hand clinic tomorrow 8am eek! and Thursday back to dentist to have my tooth filled, talk about rotten luck, went last week for a check up and got the all clear came home and back of tooth fell off, bummer!

Sue x


What Remains Now said...

It is both a joy and great sadness to read these stories. I love hearing how these sweet beings blossom under your love and care and then weep as they pass on. What a special boy.

I hope you do well with your appointments. The tooth thing...icing on the cake (ha).

gyeong said...

You only had him a short time, but what a great impact you had on each other.

Sue said...

(((Sue & Eric))) The loss of our fur babies is so hard to take and especially so when they are young. I am suire like Song with me, Ranger has given you so many memories in the short time he was with you.

So glad you enjoyed the crop.

I am sure Orin will be fine. Maybe he just likes to be left alone.

Hope all goes well at the hand clinic tomorrow and dentist on Thursday.

Hiking Hounds said...

It's so sad when they go too early. I hope Orin is okay.