Sunday, 23 November 2008


We have snow, started last night and has snowed quite heavy this morning.

Alfie Bear is loving it, unlike the greyhounds who are not impressed!

He's been out playing with his ball and tearing round the garden having so much fun.

Today Eric was supposed to take the greyhound to Stoke and come back with Gangly but Gangly has caught a nasty bug and can't come so the greyhound (now called Ranger ) is still here.

He's not really poorly but is recovering from having his bits off and is very thin and under weight. He's had a few accidents in the house but my feeling is he has lived in a house before probably as an only dog and has very bad issues over food. There's been one nasty incident but luckily Eric was prepared and rugby tackled him to the floor to stop Sandy being attacked, he was told off and put in the crate and seems to have got the message now! I've decided to feed him 4 times a day a) so he's not so hungry and b) so he realises food is coming regularly and he doesn't need to be so food possessive. He's had a bath and will go to the vets to get wormed and started his vaccinations tomorrow. With a bit of hard work someone will end up with a fab dog.

Ranger was born March 2003 and last raced June 2006 so he's been somewhere since he was retired and look at this he can sit, most greyhounds can't do this.

And he squeezed himself into Alfie Bear's bed much to little bears disgust!

Ranger likes to sit with me and keeps out manoeuvring Alfie, so Alfie being the smart fella he is has decided it's best if he just lays on top of me LOL.

Singles is till agony, spots have started to scab over nicely but the pain shows no signs of going and is awful. Wrists out new knee's in doesn't come close to this it is quite simply agony!

And finally the class kit from Otley. Wasn't sure about it at first but actually I love it. Vanessa is very good at using pattern papers in different ways. The photo I have mirrored for artistic purposes LOL but was taken my Eric on his mobile whilst driving (slowly) onto a private estate. Pretty impressive!


Carol said...

oh Suzy I do love reading your posts. Lovely to see Ranger! Hope that Gangley soon recovers and can come "home".

Alfie bear makes me laugh, especially laying on top of you like that!! lolxx

Its been snowing here too today, really heavy this morning too, just hoping that this slush thats left doesn't freeze overnight!

Hope you're feeling better, see you soon, xx

hotpotato said...

Hi Sue, hope you soon feel better, tho hate to say this shingles can take months to go!!!!Just to cheer you up......Janina xx

Jane said...

great photos Sue, I love the one of you on the sofa!!
Take care and hope you are soon feeling better xxx

Sharon said...

I hope you feel better soon Sue.
Ranger sounds as though he has been through a lot - by the way I didn't know that Greyhounds had difficulty sitting - why is that? I assume it is something taht only affects those that were used for racing.

Looking forwarding to seeing the pics of Gangly when he/she arrives.

Wishing you a speedy recovery