Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Feeling better

Hooray at long last I feel a tad better and have decided that maybe I don't need to cut my arm off or poke my eye out, keeping everything crossed that I've turned the corner with this blasted shingles at long last.

Today I even managed a short trip out to get a long overdue haircut and tomorrow Eric is going to adjust the grey for me so when I go to a school friends 50th birthday party at the weekend I may look okay LOL...

Ranger is doing extremely well no accidents indoors for two days and now he has a full tummy his food issues are noy as bad. I still wouldn't actually leave food out that he could reach which is pretty much anywhere LOL but can at least eat my lunch without having to crate him or loose it. He has had his first vaccinations, been wormed and frontlined, he weighs 33kgs and should weigh at least 38-40 kgs as he's such a big lad.

Ranger has discovered he loves to be cuddled and has even started to wag his tail, I know this sounds like such a little thing but when he arrived he couldn't even make eye contact let alone wag his tail and today when I came back and let him out of the crate he play bowed at me and then put his front paws on my shoulders and licked my face. I felt like he was saying she left me but came back, I was sad and happy at the same time.

So what happens now, the plan is he goes to Stoke on Sunday but with a shortage of foster homes and a huge influx of dogs it will be to a kennel that greyhoundgap use and not a foster home. My heart aches for him, having tasted life in a home being put back into kennels to wait his turn even though I know the kennels are excellent feels oh so wrong.

Anyway I have a few more photo's of the gorgeous boy.

Snuggling up to me, don't you just wish there was some warning that the camera was coming out, so you could at least brush your hair LOL

And Alfie snuggling up with Ranger on the bed, I had a tiny sliver of bed but have cropped myself out of the shot, you don't really want to be seeing me spots do you.

And another of the boys snuggling up, please note you can see some spots on the one LOL..


hotpotato said...

Glad you're feeling better Sue.Don't the dogs look soooo cute.

Carol said...

Well Suzy!! I just wonder what your next post is going to say?? I was very surprised that an announcement wasn't made at the end of it!! lolxx

Ranger and Alfie bear look very cosy and settled and LOVED! you're incredible for what you do not alot of people could do it you know!

Glad to hear that you're feeling much better, enjoy the partyxx