Thursday, 20 October 2011

Two years ago today

Thank you all so much for your kind comments about Ruby, it means a great deal to us knowing people understand and care! A friend sent me this picture which I love of hounds having fun at the Rainbow bridge. Thank you Sue and Song xx

Two years ago today Jim had his leg amputated because he had osteosarcoma. It had been diagnosed in June but we felt because of his size and age amputation wasn’t an option and went for palliative care! however as we also had Sandy diagnosed with the same dreaded condition and because she so desperately wanted to fight and live we went for amputation for her and then decided we had to  give Jim the same chance. Our vet was very reluctant because of his size to do the operation but eventually agreed.

Sadly Sandy only lived another 8 weeks but Jim dumbfounded the vets upon reaching 3 months, then 6 months and here we are 2 years later.

Jim is massive even by greyhound standards and the biggest softie you could wish for. He has been the backbone of our pack for many years and welcomes each new hound with his gentle ways.

Jim is coming up to 12 soon and is beginning to slow down, but is still a loving cheeky hug monster who we adore.

And today for the first time in many weeks he asked to go out with the gang for a proper walk, not a ride in the car followed by a little wander but a proper walk! just the cheer us up factor we needed today. Jim is still bothered by his neck/shoulder problem but seems happier and more comfortable today. Long may you reign as head of our pack big fella.

So the old boy still enjoys a run 

and is as handsome as ever.
Here is the original post of Jim's operation.


Declan said...

He's a lovely lad. We love the beautiful big greys. I weigh in at 32kg and my great uncle Flynn was 37kg in his prime. Deccy x

Winnie said...

What a positive encouraging story! Well done Jim for cheerign everyone up! You are gorgeous.

Love and licks, Winnie

Sue said...

Glad you liked the picture.

Jim sure is a handsome fella. So pleased he had such a good walk today.

Sending you hugs (((Sue & Pack)))

Sandra's Spot said...

Sad to hear Ruby has gone now. But am amazed at what a little fighter she was. Hugs. love the rainbow picture and the photo of Jim (he is my favorite, just cant help it) Hugs Sandra XX