Friday, 14 October 2011


Well I am finally home!

Had x rays, surgeon still isn't convinced wrist has fussed he suspects it's the pins holding it. Plan is to take both pins out to be able to do knuckle replacement, then put one pin back in (there isn't room for two and that's why they are pushing out).

Will have to stay in overnight and should all being well come home lunchtime then next day. I'm the only operation he's doing that afternoon as it will probably take 3 plus hours.  He's keen to do it under limb regional  block but I want a GA, so I'll probably have both as the regional block gives 12 hours of pain relief. 3 plus hours awake in theatre wouldn't be nice.

Will have a plaster on for a few weeks then a special made splint that holds fingers in sort of suspended, recovery approx 12 weeks.  Also had swabs and ecg but gave up on the blood tests as they were queuing out the door so shall have to ask Dr to do it Monday!

Made another digi LO using a kit called Be Happy from gotta pixel, based it on a Papermaze class kit which I did here. Not easy making a windmill digitally LOL. Not sure whether to print it as it is or to turn it into a hybrid.

Ruby bright and perky during the day but unsettled at night! still won't lay down indoors unassistanted but will in the car, figure that one out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Papermaze crop tomorrow my last for a while!

PS I've just spotted the spelling mistake whew the beauty of digi! and drum roll Ruby jumped onto the sofa and laid down all by herself, xxxxxx


Jane said...

another gorgeous digi layout Sue, enjoy your crop and try not to think about the op x

Sandra's Spot said...

Sounds reasonably positive so hopefully it will be. Another gorgeous LO. You have so got the hang of digi they are gorgeous. Hugs Sandra XX

Sandra's Spot said...

PS I think dogs are just wierd and love to do there own thing. Tilly's limp has finally gone still none the wiser as to what caused it tho. Take Care XX

Sue said...

A really stunning LO.

Glad you will only be in hospital for one night. I hope it all goes smoothly and you recover quickly.

So glad Ruby jumped up onto the sofa.

Gem's Crafts said...

Gosh it sounds really complicated what you need doing to your hand, I hope they fix it up really well. Oh and Mark had a nerve blocker when he had the op on his shoulder and it really helps with the pain :)

Fab LO too - I could never get the hang of digi when I did it!

Carol said...

Been having a catch up with your blog. Feels like I haven't been here for ages...xx

What great news that Ruby jumped on the sofa! and its brill that our brave soldier Jim is doing much better, who'd have thought he'd have coped the way he has, one very brave boy there.

Really hoping that the op goes well for you and that you're soon home - hopefully you'll let me visit!!

Fab layouts your really creating such gorgeous pieces with your digi and hybrid layouts.

Take care girlie xx