Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sleep tight wooby two shoes.

At 3.40am our beautiful Ruby left us to go to the bridge. No words can express our sadness but we will cherish the last 8 months spent with the most gentle darling Ruby.

This is Ruby's story

On February 10th 2011 I received a call from Liz at Greyhound Gap, asking if we could take an emergency foster girl in and so two days later Ruby arrived.

We were surprised to be told Ruby was just 7 ½ years old as her overall health portrayed a much older dog. Her initial puffing and panting we put down to the stress of being taken away from her family. Then we discovered the terrible condition of her nails, a condition called Onychodystrophy. It was agreed with Greyhound Gap that Ruby would stay on with us whilst we tried to sort out her nails and overall lack of condition, but just as her nails improved she quite suddenly began to lose weight and condition. Our worst fears were confirmed on July 21st when the results of her x-rays were shown to us. Poor Ruby’s lungs were full of tumours, which explained the puffing, and panting and constant chest infections.

From that day on we knew each extra day spent with Ruby would be a precious bonus, Eric did lots of research and started her on herbal and homeopathic supplements to try and boost her immune system and spent hours researching on the internet trying to find ways of improving Ruby’s health.

Ruby was just the sweetest little lady, always gentle and kind never barked or misbehaved and totally adored the grandchildren. Her previous family had children and she obviously missed them because whenever Ben or Harvey came to visit she would be so excited and happy and just loved to sit with them.

Although Ruby was obviously a poorly girl it never stopped her enjoying life and right up to the end she was still keen to go for walks and stop and smell the air or even chasing a squirrel. Towards the end Eric would take Ruby in the car so her energy wasn’t spent getting to the meadow or the green then she and Jim would hop out and have their walk. Jim was her special friend and they would spend hours laying together.

We discovered Ruby loved fish and chips, so each Friday thereafter we would have fish and chips and so would Ruby or “wooby two shoes” as she became known as. On the last Friday before Ruby passed away she actually tried to pinch my fish off the plate, we laughed so much to see Ruby actually being a tiny bit naughty.

Ruby was her Daddy’s girl a bond that was very strong between the two of them and it was always Eric she turned to when she was poorly. Eric would let her just lay in the back of the car when she couldn’t get comfortable indoors, I worried she’d get loose but Eric knew she wouldn’t move. Ruby completely trusted Eric and in her last hours it was with him that she sought comfort.

Ruby was the most beautiful tiger brindle girl we have ever met, as beautiful on the inside as the out and “our wooby two shoes” will be so sadly missed.

Sleep tight little Angel, you will never be forgotten and we feel so privileged to have spent the last 8 months with you.

18th October 2011


hotpotato said...

Oh Sue, so sorry to hear Ruby has now gone to doggy heaven. At least her last months alive have been ones that she has been spoilt and loved beyond belief. xx

Sue said...

Song and I are sending you hugs. We know Ruby is playing with Poppy my beloved JR and all the other pets that have passed to Rainbow Bridge.

I hope you don't mind, but I have put a little post on my blog in memory of Ruby. When you feel up to it, please check out the comments. Two so far, but I am sure more will follow.

Jane said...

so sorry Sue x

Carol said...

awww Sue I just love the way you do these write up's...I sit here with tears in my eyes...poor Ruby, but, during those last 8 months she was so loved and contented.

RIP Darling Rubyxx

sending you and Eric lots of hugz xx

Ali said...

I am so sorry to hear the sad news. Ruby had a wonderful time with you surrounded by love and comfort, she couldn't have wished for more.

Sleep tight Ruby.


vikki said...

love to you mum ant this sad time , ruby was so special to us all , she will be looked after by all your taylor hounds that have crosses the bridge xxx

Winnie said...

I came over after hearing about Ruby's on Sue's Graceful Greyhounds blog to add our condolences.

You clearly made a world of difference to her.

Lots of love Winnie and all her family.

Gem's Crafts said...

So sorry to hear about Ruby, thinking of you all xx

Declan said...

Hi. I heard about your sad loss from Sue & Song and just wanted to add my condolences. It sounds like you made her last months very happy & secure. Deccy x

karen said...

so sorry to hear about ruby. I know that she meant so much to you even though she was with you for a short time. Sending you lots of hugs karenx