Thursday, 6 October 2011

Poorly Ruby

Last Wednesday Ruby began to go downhill and to cut a long story short we decided it was time to let her go! had to wait several hours for vet to come out and when he did she rushed out to meet him wagging her tail. Poor chap was like sorry which dog is ill !!!! examination showed no fluid in lungs or infection, heart sound so off he went leaving 2 embarrassed owners in his wake. However she continued to go down over the weekend and so Monday we took her to the vets, they kindly examined her outside as she is so terrified of going in and discovered she had a temp of 107 and rising, heart still sound and no infection in lungs. She obviously has an infection of unknown origins and we explained her paws kept swelling up because she simply won't lay down and stands for 12 plus hours despite obviously having very sore paws. She's now on ab's and painkillers and has improved but still isn't keen to lay down! all very odd and stressful and ironically her breathing is the best it's been in weeks! Yesterday she did go for a ride and even got out of the car for a short walk so progress!

Jim is much better but still not taking the full weight through the front leg so another week of anti inflams and review next week.

Me I'm just plain old worn out LOL

I had wanted to scrap a layout about Eric being rushed into hospital earlier in the year but didn't know how to go about it, then Janina from Bramford crop made a remark which sparked off this idea (thanks Janina) after I had told her the consultant upon discharging him had said you have the profile of an athlete and so finally came up with this digi LO.  I wanted to record how terribly ill Eric was but in a more light hearted way, although it's not perfect I am fairly happy with it.


Sue said...

What a really fab LO.

Poor Ruby. I hope the meds soon get rid of the infection. Also hope the anti-inflams help Jim.

Song and I are sending you all hugs.

Sandra's Spot said...

Oh Sue this just a brilliant LO I love it. Thank god Eric has the profile of an athlete got him out of a pickle I think.
Poor old Ruby and Jim I know you guys will do everthing possible for them. Hugs Sandra XX