Friday, 29 October 2010

digi scrapping

My hand is slowly improving and I even managed to do the hoovering today LOL, I know it's a tad odd to get excited over chores but these little milestones are proof that progress is being made.

Still no real crafting but have been playing with digi again and done a few more layouts


Lucky is off to the vets tonight, she's not been herself all week and last night leaked urine whilst asleep, she's also been drinking more so as she's due her yearly jab thought we would get her checked out. Persuaded Eric to collect a wee sample this morning as it may just be a water infection. Little Rulu became leaky as she grew older but was so small it was easy to manage, well when a great being greyhound leaks you sure know it....fingers crossed it's not serious.

Hoping to go out tomorrow woohoo, just for a wander around town with Dawn. Dawn has been here scrapping today, I watched and attempted to make a card, hurt too much so just chatted LOL.


Sandra's Spot said...

Lovely digi layouts they really take a life on and have great depth. Seems funny to say glad you are managing to hoover round LOL.I remember when Pepper got a leaky old dog washed his bedding 3 time a day,so you have my sympathy. Enjoy your trip out tomorrow XX.

karen said...

fab digi layouts and i'm glad your hand is somewhat improving. Id like to ask a question about your
3rd layout. I think i may know the lady in the photo or at least she look familiar. Is her name leslie, and does at the hospice??? love karen B

Carol said...

I'm really hoping that Lucky got on ok last night Sue xx

Loving the digi layouts they are really good - loving the first one, those pencils look so realistic!

Enjoy your day out - its definately a lovely morning for a wander.