Saturday, 16 October 2010

I'm back

thank you for all the emails wishing me good luck!!!!

The op was a nightmare, nerve blocker was evil and I got a migraine only my 3rd ever so despite not having a GA chucked up anyway. Pain has been unbearable but better today.

The good news is they got the gunk out and found 3 pieces of silicone which had leaked out when the replacement wrist broke and hopefully that was what caused the problem, fingers crossed otherwise I'm back in to get the wrist fussed.

Back Thursday to have drain removed.

Mr T said I mut be feeling better today as I've started moaning LOl felt to ill the last two days to even talk.

Onwards and upwards.

Hounds have been fantastic !!!!!!!! and are determined to squash me because obviously that aids recovery LOL.


Janet said...

Glad your feeling better,missed you today.see you soon.
Janet x

Carol said...

oh Sue, I'm keeping everything crossed that things will be ok - as Janet said, we missed you today ( oh and Dawn!! roflxx).

Those hounds are just showing you how much they love you...xx

Jane said...

sorry you had such a bad time Sue, hope things improve quickly x