Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Well knowing i wouldn't be able to craft for real for a few weeks, I bought myself a little digi programme called ScrapBook Artist 2. Of course I should really have made the effort to learn digi in the big graphic programmes but this programme is just the bees knees and for me it's an easier option, although quite advanced stuff can be achieved on it. Not by me just yet I hasten to add LOL.

Anyway it's the perfect answer when you have lots of little mini books to do and of course you could still add to the layouts once printed out.

So I've just had a play and done this

and then had a brainstorm and realised with a few small changes I could do this, which is for a separate album so being similar doesn't matter.

Off to hospital tomorrow, hoping they'll remove the cast and drain and I'll come home with a smaller dressing.

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Jane said...

gorgeous Sue, expect to see loads more! Hope the appt goes ok xx