Sunday, 18 May 2014

Off to Norfolk

Tomorrow Dawn and I are off to Norfolk to the same caravan to scrap and chat! We've been going for  9 years now. This time we're going Monday to Friday instead of a long weekend which means an extra day yay! Eric is taking the week off so need to worry about the hounds and hopefully he'll have time to catch up on some of his jobs LOL.

My car finally came home yesterday, two weeks at the garage being repaired after being reversed into by someone not looking where they were going. We had a courtesy car but it was brand new and so posh it worried us both LOL.

A couple of layouts, first ben with his rocket he made, using a kit designed by Janina with a few Suzy's touches LOL.

Then me and Eric on his latest bike, which I might add is very comfortable for passengers. Terrible photo's of layouts I know but for once to much light and I struggled to click the button.

Hounds are all well, some are enjoying the mini heatwave and others aren't, even got the fans out this morning for them.

Sue xxxx


hotpotato said...

Have a fab week Sue, will do you and Dawn good. x

Sue said...

Fab LOs.

Have a lovely week away.