Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Where to start?

Can it really be so long since I blogged! It's been a difficult few months as I have had a foot infection since the end of May and despite months of antibiotics both oral and IV the foot is still infected. I haven't been allowed to have my arthritis injection since the end of May which has meant life has become rather difficult.

Gangley bless her is still with us and enjoying life, I take her out on a mobility scooter I now have and then she has a wander and back onto my lap for the ride home. Just as a princess should be treated.

The other guys are all well and even the brat pack have calmed down to the point Eric can  now walk the 7 hounds in one go rather than two outings.

We've just returned from our first holiday together for 15 years. We spent a lovely week in Sea Palling Norfolk with the front garden right on the hickling broads. All 8 dogs came with us and had a blast.

Eric has been lucky enough to have a loan horse called Brambles and is making good progress with his quest to ride and jump but it takes quite a lot of time each day to visit the stables and do the day to day stuff before the fun stuff LOL hence the need to walk all 7 dogs together. 

My son is currently in the process of walking across The republic of Ireland. It's the final chapter of the 4 planned coast to coast walks of Great Britan an.by walkingthebeat.

THis walk is the longest and hardest 387 miles over 18 days, I can't really contemplate walking 387 miles.

If anyone would like to make a donation that would be much appreciated you can use this  LINK or like their facebook page walkingthebeat all one word. If you don't do FB you can still follow their progress by visiting our webpage and clicking on the blog tag.




Carol said...

Glad to hear that you had a lovely time away. Fingers crossed that they can sort out your foot soon! Wishing Mark and the gang success in their walk xx

Sue said...

So nice to see you blogging

The holiday home looks lovely. So glad you had such a nice time.

Marc and the lads are doing well. It's such an achievement to be on the fourth walk and raising so much for GAP.

As always Polly and I are sending positive healing thoughts and huge hugs (((Sue))).

hotpotato said...

Beautiful photos Sue. So glad you had a fab holiday as you deserved it.

gyeong said...

Glad to see your back. I've been slow on the blog this summer too. Hope they can take care of your foot infection, so you can get your arthritis medicine. Good to see Gangley too.