Sunday, 25 July 2010

Carol's frame class

So as promised here is my wonderful altered art frame that I made yesterday. Can you tell am happy I am with it!

The class was designed and taught by Carol and used many of the techniques we have been learning in previous classes.

The frame and stand started off as bare chipboard and everything else other than the spinner and metal flower we made. Unusually the class was very quiet because we were all determined to start and finish the frame in one go. I had a little help from Carol sticking the final bits down at the end as my hands and brain were shot to pieces

I think all of us who attended would agree that Carol is very talented, has fantastic idea's and is a great teacher and is very patient LOL.

I think the little saying "ART DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT" is a good reminder for those of us who strive for perfection, rarely achieve it and then beat ourselves up over it LOL.

So I came home a very very happy bunny but extremely tired and had to be ready to go out 90 mins later.

The hen do was fun, loud and my first time seeing a stripper, although Vikki did insist I didn't watch some bits of it LOL...

Busy week, off to rehearsals Tuesday evening and Marc's birthday Thursday and the big day Friday....Vikki is off to America a week tomorrow for 2 weeks so want to cram in some time with her and Ben in between all the wedding stuff, so on that note I'll see you all on the other side LOL...


Jane said...

it's gorgeous Sue, you're so lucky being able to go to those classes. I hope the week goes well for you and you don't get too tired xx

Winnie said...

The frame is gorgeous Sue, can I have it?!? LOL Seriously, I love the colour and all the little bits and pieces. Well done. All the best for the wedding!

Carol said...

Hi Sue - thank you xx

I really hope that the rehearsals, birthday and wedding go well....take care and see you next week xx

Di said...

This is such a gorgeous frame Sue, would you mind if we featured it the Tando Creative blog.

If that's ok, would you mind emailing a photo to me at

Many thanks

Kaz said...

It's gorgeous Sue xx