Thursday, 22 July 2010

Table plan

So after a couple of stressful days the table plan is finished! and shock horror I am pleased with the end result.

Not the best of photo's but the light is awful today. The base is pearlised cream and the corners have been stamped and embossed, I welded the names on robo and painted with a pearlised paint and then matted and layered the tables. The names on the tables are all places Rachael and Marc visited on their holiday to Kenya in February with the top table being the place Marc proposed ahhh !!

See how he light keeps changing today, another rubbish photo but you get the gist LOL.

Rachael has just collected it and loved it phew !!!! and it is all millimetre straight IRL LOL...

1 comment:

Carol said...

Sue this is totally gorgeous well done you! - really hope that things go well on friday xx