Thursday, 4 November 2010

Woe is Mojo

On Tuesday evening whilst out on the final walk of the day Mojo slipped off the pavement and stuck his leg down a drain! really deep slice through the leg so yesterday he was at the vets having a general anaesthetic to have the leg stitched etc.

Eric collected him at 6pm and the poor little man wasn't happy! and then he cried all night and I mean all night, so very little sleep for us. Even worse he's allowed no walks at all until further notice, so when the others went out this morning without him all hell let loose. Of course Eric and I look like zombies and Mojo is now curled up asleep!

Lucky is looking much better, so the antibiotics are obviously working and 3 nights without leaking now.

Alfie is still on steroids for his unknown allergy which shows no signs of going.

With so many of them on pills and potions I've had to write out a list of what who and when LOL and as for insurance claim forms and vet appointments my poor tired head is spinning.

Hand is much better and today I had a shower without a bag so now it looks and smells clean LOL...still a few stitches to dissolve and scabs to go but well on the way now.


Sandra's Spot said...

OMG Sue you completely mad. Hope all the hounds recover LOL XX

Jane said...

hope things soon improve for all of you Sue xx

Carol said...

ohhh poor mojo poor little bunny! hope he heals quickly - also, lucky - great to hear that she's doing so well.

Wow a shower no bag!! lol

Take care and hope that you and Eric can catch up on some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz