Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Yesterday I had a lovely ride out on the bike, watched Eric ride, he was jumping. Took some video's as he wanted to see how he looked and what needs correcting then he carried on with Guinness through the woods and I went on David. I was concerned as to how I would get on but actually managed ok with very little help from Eric. I picked up the reigns and Tara who lead me said you've ridden before haven't you LOL mind you not since I was 14 LOL, I had such a strong urge to gently kick David and go myself if only. Not sore today thought I would be.

Here is Eric with Guinness

me on the bike

and on David.

This layout has been in the making for a year. Last April I took a photo of the willow tree in our freont garde, then each month took another. Really pleased with it.

Our friend Bim was has had a stroke but has just come home (still can't walk r use arm) was saying she's fed up with visitors moaning about her two greyhounds, Joe and Mini are adorable and so quiet and gentle so I've made her this for her birthday next month LOL. It's printed onto canvass then I've mounted it onto several layers of thick card..

Mojo had his consultation in the back of the volvo with Tom his vet last night LOL. his heart rate was 150 - 180 which shows you how bad it is but overall Tom was happy  with him, still not sure how the old devil is still alive and running LOL. Just carry on with with current meds.

Gangley is having good and bad days but is still happy and the rest of te pack are happier now tey can spend more time outside.

Actually had a photo taken with my son on Mothers Day, have to scrap this LOL

Sue x 


hotpotato said...

Eric's horse does not look best pleased Sue.....look at it's ears!!

Sue said...

Lovely photos of you and Eric.

You'll have to scrap the photo of you and Mark.

Love the LO of the Willow.

Bim will love that plaque. How unkind of people too say things about her beloved Greys.

Carol said...

Looks like you had a lovely afternoon.... Bless Mojo and Gangly.... Lovely pic is of you and Mark xx

gyeong said...

What kind of visitors would moan about sweet greyhounds? Glad Mojo and Gangley are hanging in there.