Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Weekend!

and what a hectic one it has been. Daughter's long weekend to work and her hubby away on a stag do so we had Ben for a long weekend. Son kindly took pity on us Sunday and took Ben out to Castle Headingham.

Lots of cuddles with dogs

and Elmo slept on Ben's bed making Ben a very happy boy!

Lots of crafting as well.

Of course we had to make a castle today LOL.

I also went to crop, love this photo of Ben.

Also visited my Uncle John who is helping me with family history for my heritage album and we went out for a meal with some friends. One is well and truly shattered.

Dogs are also totally shattered.

Today Gangley has taken a real dip, her left back leg won't work at all and she either falls or just stands but can't walk. Eric is going to try hitting her hard with reiki tonight and we've been giving her some extra homoeopathy stuff, paws crossed, it's awful to see but true to form Gangley is bothered.

Shall be having a very early night.



Sue said...

Ben's going to break some hearts:)

That castle looks impressive. I love places like that.

Looks like Ben had a fab time and the dogs loved having him around.

Maybe Gangley is just tuckered out after the extra excitement of having Ben there. I hope she picks up. Polly and I are sending positive healing thoughts.

Sending you all hugs. Sue & Polly

Carol said...

wow sounds like you had a fun filled weekend - hope you've recovered…xx

Fingers crossed that Gangley is showing improvement today - such a worry for you all.

Take care xx