Saturday, 24 May 2014

I'm back!

and what a great time we had! Weather was great except for torrential rain Wednesday evening which didn't effect us LOL. We scrapped loads and even went for a walk each day. Ate very healthy and Dawn is Mother of the bride next month and wants to lose a few lbs lots of salad and fruit yummy! more so as Eric kindly prepared it all for us to take away.

Eric told me Gangley wouldn't eat and lord knows he tried everything then on Thursday Belle became poorly so we put it down to a bug. Had just arrived home Friday feeling totally relaxed and rested when Belle started losing lots of blood from bottom, rushed to vets and she has colic which is apparently common but we've never come across it before. Vet said she probably ate something bad and she had been off lead up the meadow on Wednesday eve. Couple of jabs and she should be back to normal soon. Gangley ate a little last night but I had to hand feed her and she's very frail. Hoping now I'm home she'll perk up. Poor Eric got hardly any of his jobs done as Gangley was "demanding" his words not mine LOL. I have told him she's like that with me but don't think he had realised how bad it is.

Anyway got 9 layouts scrapped one of which had 3 pages! we always take kits from crop as it means we don't hae to take so much stash with us but also we try and put our own stamp on them.

These are kits designed by Janina for Bramford crop

 My Mum as a very young little girl

 Vikki squealed when Eric gave her this bike as an early birthday present LOL

Mum LOL have wanted to scrap this for ages

And these are from Vanessa at Papermaze
except this one which was by lou collins and has 2 pages behind front page



hotpotato said...

Glad to hear you and Dawn had a fab time away, did think of the two of you......lucky beggers. Can't wait for when it's my turn in September to scrap from Friday-Monday with like minded buddies. Hope the hounds are soon better, my cat Gus sulks when I work nights!

Sue said...

Really fabby LOs.

So glad you had a good break away. You were lucky with the weather.

Hope the jabs have worked for Belle and she improving.

Really hope Gangley get's her appetite back.

Polly and I are sending positive healing thoughts and huge hugs to you all.