Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hospital date confirmed

I received the letter today confirming the date for my knee replacement. Will go in on the 29th July and have it done the following day! We went to a group meeting on Monday where you find out all about the op and the exercises I need to start now and were really impressed with the thought that had gone into giving us so much information, actually way to much for my liking LOL, just have to have an MRI scan next week and the following week get my heart checked out, more xrays and bloods tests and the all important MRSA screening.

My dear little Rulu has been gone two weeks today and I still miss her so much, little things unconnected to Rulu set me off than I end up sobbing for her. Hounds are begining to settle back down and maybe I'll think about a new pack member after I've recovered from the knee surgery.

Haven't been very good at uploaded layouts recently so quite a few to show. Did five on my weekend away with Dawn but not much since LOL...

This is a photo of my neice Katie who came over for Mum and Dad's party from America. I used loads of little scraps of paper to make a patchwork flower.

This is Ben and Emeila at Marc's BBQ a few weeks ago. I was so chuffed with this photo as I was clicking away for ages with them not aware as I had zoomed in. Talk about cute! The layout is a class kit from papermaze with a few changes...

Will add some more tomorrow... (she says LOL)

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