Friday, 18 July 2008

Meet Albi

Thursday 10th July I received a phone call from Greyhoundgap asking if I could take in a young greyhound who was going to be pts the next day! of course I said yes BUT then things changed and it was discovered he was in a very very poor way and he is a lurcher LOL. Little bear as I started calling him had had previous surgery on his hip but his leg was in a dreadful state plus huge bites on his head and two closed eyes. The dog warden had put him into our vets by coincidence, so we went down to see him and assess the situation for ourselves. What a terrible sight we saw, a little dog weighing half the weight he should with a useless leg, a blind eye and dog bites all over his head.

Little bear had to stay in the vets over the weekend and on Monday they operated to try and save his leg but the previous surgery was such a botched job that nothing could be done and the leg had to be amputated!

If a dog can be called lucky after suffering so much then he is lucky because now he is under the care of Greyhound gap he will receive the very best of vet care that he needs. We are putting drops into his blind eye and it is going to be re assesed Tuesday but the feeling is it may have to come out. For now it is just a case of trying to build him up and put some weight on him.

His name has been decided upon by Lisa the founder of GG as Albi and he is already getting to know it.

Yesterday teatime we brought him home, he came in and said very polite hello's to our pack and then took himself off to explore the garden.

He has a crate in the study where we spend most of our time which he loves and happily takes himself off to when he's tired.

At bedtime he was just like Goldilocks going round trying all the other hounds beds, so we made him a bed up in our room which is where he slept, well that's not completely true there was quite a bit of crying much like having a new baby in the house but we did get some sleep LOL...

Today he had his first visitor when our son came to meet him him

Albi gets around very quickly and is much like the willow the whisp LOL but he does tire very quickly and has spent a lot of today sleeping, that is until Eric took the other dogs out and he found his voice and had a mega whinge LOL...

So the plan is for Albi to stay with us as our foster dog with greyhoundgap paying for all his bills until such time he is well enough to go up for rehoming! Initially he was thought to be about two but we both feel he is much younger and although not as tall as a greyhound (of course he may still be growing) there is a lot of greyhound in there with I think German Sheppard and maybe Suluki.

Oh and by the way he is a total babe, I loves him already.


Eleni said...

I'm sure now that he's found his way to you he is LUCKY ... poor thing, I'm sure you will show him a lot of TLC!!! :D

Jane said...

he looks adorable Sue and very lucky to have found you!