Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Albi has been to the vets

and boy was he treated like a superstar, all the nurses made a huge fuss of him and Alexa his vet was overjoyed to be reunited with her little man.

His opaque eye shows some signs of improvements but as to what is wrong it's still a mystery, his eye has obviously suffered a trauma so we continue to put in the eye drops and keep a very close eye on it. Even if it remains blind I just pray that it doesn't have to be removed. Back again Friday to have the stitches out.

This little chap continues to amaze us with his progress he really should have been called Scooter as he scoots around so quickly. Albi is such a sweet gentle loving little man and has coped with everything in his laid back style. He now looks like a skinny dog as opposed to an emaciated dog. We feed him five small meals a day and his energy levels are improving. He loves to join in a game of footie with our pack, loves to shred tissues and his playful character is emerging. BUT boy does he hate flies!

Eric and I still have filthy coughs and colds and I now hurt everywhere as I have had to stop my medication in readiness for the op on Wednesday. I have started to try and get little jobs done and get a bit organised for being away for 5 days LOL, Have made all the birthday cards up to the end of August and most are ready to post. Impressive!

As I have been so bad at uploading my layouts recently I think I'll just start some new slide shows and update the others. (if I can remember how )

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Jane said...

great photos Sue!
Come to my blog and get your card from me, something Eleni sent to me