Monday, 28 July 2008

Postman delivers a parcel for ALBI

On Friday Albi went to the vets to have his stitches removed, he doesn't have to go back now until we decide he's well enough to have his bits removed probably in a few weeks yay!

When we came home the postman had delivered a parcel addressed to Albi

Inside was a letter and some goodies

from Shellie and miss Flo

After investigating Albi took off to the lounge to sample some of the goodies

What a lucky little chap!

Albi is making fantastic progress, now charges round the garden and has mastered the art of jumping onto the bed

AND has been out last thing at night when the traffic is quieter to have a couple of little walks with the pack! this little man continues to astound us with his zest for life.

Tomorrow I'm off to the hospital to get myself a new knee joint so won't be blogging for a while. Will be back in a week or two with more updates on the little man.

And just to prove I'm still scrapping a layout of Ben and his Godmother Aunty Hollie

I took the photo on our old camera so was really surprised at how good it was. Ben didn't like the bouncy castle at Dawn and Bob's summer party so persuaded Hollie to jump on the mat with him instead.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Albi is doing well. And what a lucky dog to get post too!