Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Alfie Bear is off

to the vets tomorrow to have his dangly bits removed, nails trimmed, toofy pegs cleaned and his micro chip done. I feel awful having to put him through this so soon after his last operation but the vets have said he is well enough and it has to be done. It will be a long day waiting to hear that everything is ok.

Alfie catching a few sun rays with Lucky and Jim

Alfie just chillin out and modelling one of his new collars today

Today saw yet more post arrive addressed to Master Alfie Bear, the postie must think we are all nuts LOL. He received a book from Miss Flo instructing him how to train his humans, had me in stitches but I don't think I'll let him read it. Thanks Shellie you're such a dear friend.

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